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Favourite Cooking Channels on Youtube?

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vu ru    16

I'm someone who really loves to cook and bake, so I'm always looking for new recipes and techniques to try! I was wondering if anyone here had any cooking channels or recipe videos on youtube that they would recommend?


For example, here are a few of my favourites! ' ڡ '


[Manjula's Kitchen]: Specializes in Indian Vegetarian and Vegan recipes! When I first became interested in vegetarian cooking, Manjula's website was an absolute lifesaver. IIRC most of her recipes also avoid using garlic and onion since she dislikes them, so if you're put off by those as well her recipes might be nice for you (or, if you like them, keep in mind that you can add them.)


[Cooking With Dog]: Popular Japanese recipes shared by a cute dog and a darling chef! This channel was a go-to for me when I was first learning how to cook, since the recipes are easy to follow and many basic cooking techniques are explained.


[Maangchi]: Korean cuisine shared by a wonderful woman! I adore Maangchi, and the meals and memories she shares are always so wonderful. She also shares a lot of simple recipes that can then be used to make a variety of meals.


[Food Wishes]: A variety of recipes, though generally popular American foods due to the request-based nature of the channel (?). It also has a lot of good 101 videos-- I finally learned how to flip things in a pan thanks to one of his videos, hahaha!


[Hot Thai Kitchen]: Mainly Thai recipes, but also includes segments of "Pai's Kitchen" which demonstrates recipes from other parts of the world. Very informative and fun!


[Helen's Recipes]: She teaches Vietnamese recipes! What I love about her videos (especially for street food recipes) is that she will often include clips of street vendors as well.


[Raw Vegan Not Gross]: This is the newest channel I've followed-- I'm not on a raw diet and I'm not vegan by any stretch of the imagination, but I have to admit that I've fallen in love with Laura's delivery and sense of humour. Raw foods are a new beast for me, but this channel has made it less of a mysterious and intimidating venture!


[Vegan Black Metal Chef] (NSFW, contains swearing, lewdness, etc): The cooking show where there is no speech and no shiny afternoon kitchen sets-- just metal, thrones, and daggers. (And a really good method for making smoothies.) ((Seriously, get in on those smoothies, they're basically sorbet.))

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erens    34

[PLURALSYS=color_hue=0;Eren]I used to watch baking channels all the time! If I'm remembering correctly, here were some of my favorites:

SweetAmbsCookies, a channel dedicated to the intricate decorating of sugar cookies.

Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio, a fun baking channel with a really sweet host who has some unique ideas. My second favorite baking channel.

MyCupcakeAddiction, My third favorite! Has some of the best ideas and has majorly made me excited to major in baking when I'm older!

Yoyomax12, a baking and cooking channel who's run by a sweet mom. Sometimes her son joins in, if I'm remembering correctly.

How To Cook That, a super sweet and amazingly talented woman who sparked my interest in baking soon after Yoyomax12 showed me that I could do things more than box mixes!!

So... I hope you don't mind I suggested all baking channels! [/PLURALSYS]

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Mist Howler    100

I am such a sucker for cooking shows on YouTube. I'll list a few c:


The Vegan Zombie They are exactly what it sounds like. Well, almost. This show is based on veganism and he makes it super fun, bringing in a zombie theme to his shows. Most of these are pretty easy, on their own right. I feel that this person makes cooking super fun and a little out of the box. Plus, they're vegan!


Cooking with Plants This channel is also another one that I have taken liberty to cook some of their food. These recipes are super easy and they start off with the most basic ingredients and they're super quick and easy to make. Plus, if there are people with food allergies, they always help those that want to cook their recipes and always gives them alternatives c:


Ochikeron This one is one of my go-to for my more Japanese cooking, her being a Japanese native. The recipes are super easy to follow and make. Plus, I find her foods freaking adorable! *I am weird that way for calling food adorable, I know.* I go to her channel often and it's always such a blast to make.


That's what I got so far! I'll add any, if I think of any c:

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