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Xavier    27

Is there anything that just, really tics you off for no reason, or maybe is a really big deal to you? It's time to unleash your frustration! Post your pet peeves in this thread, and let everyone know, "hey bro, do this and i'll scratch your face".



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Rowan1966    46

I'm sad that no one has answered this...


1) When people walk/drive really slow...it annoys me to no end because i am a very fast-paced person.

2) Misspelled words and really, really, REALLY bad grammar.

3) When I get my makeup perfect (which is rare haha) and then my eye starts to itch.

4) When someone plays music that they know no one in the room likes; it's so easy to just play music that everyone will like.

[PLURALSYS=color_hue=0Phoenix]5) Trolls, I hate trolls so much so I like to troll the trolls. [/PLURALSYS]

[PLURALSYS=color_hue=192;Bliss]6) I really don't like when people are mean for absolutely no reason at all.[/PLURALSYS]

[PLURALSYS=color_hue=113;Cyra]7) When people mess with my/our OCD on purpose. It's a bad idea to do so because then i want to hurt you until you fix it.[/PLURALSYS]

[PLURALSYS=color_hue=286;Shado]8) When people are mean to animals for no reason at all.[/PLURALSYS]


[PLURALSYS=color_hue=242;Raven]9) When people mistake my non-caring demeanor for me having no emotions. I have emotions...I just don't care about whatever is being said/done.[/PLURALSYS]

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kiror    354

A diagram which all lines seems to be straight, in harmony... until I spot a single point of failure: that deeply annoys me. I could describe that feeling as "I must fix that single line or it will be a work that deserves being thrown in the trash and forgotten", at the point of actually hating a version of my work that contains such detail (even it being conceptually correct) until I fix it.


Something apparently contradictory is that I don't feel the same annoyance if all lines are chaotic; but I look at it as a rough draft that must get organized to be considered serious.

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Kerguelen    154

That voice people use to talk to dogs.

Making my buttery grilled spicy tuna sandwich, and messing up the flip so that tuna goes everywhere. (Maybe I'll use the oven next time?)

Being hungry but not wanting to eat.

Wanting to eat but not being hungry.

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Neve VR52    254

-Hearing people's mouth sounds. I know they can't help it, but boy does it drive me up a wall when I can hear the movement of saliva around a person's mouth as they speak. It's usually exacerbated by oral piercings or braces.

-When guitar players unplug their instrument before I've muted their channel, causing a loud pop through the system. Makes me cringe hard.

-People being late. If you tell me a specific time to meet somewhere or do something, I'm going to be there at that time, if not early. I can't stand it when people are late and hold me up. This is especially true at work. A late band means late sound check means no time to troubleshoot if any technical difficulties arise.

-When folks don't answer their phones. I have a handful of clients who are terrible at communicating, and deliberately don't answer their phones. Maybe it's a musician thing, but it's really annoying. I can't get your master out to you on time if I have a pressing question and you don't answer your phone. A text takes thirty seconds, yo.

-Egos. Yeah, I work for musicians, and some of them are these old, jaded musicians who think the sound engineer is always out to get them. Come on, guys, I'm here to help you! Work with me a little. XD


The list could go on, but I'm a positive being as a rule. These things may annoy me, but it never goes beyond that - a mild annoyance.

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A massive pet peeve of mine would be my own inability to consistently speak my own primary language that I was raised on.


[PLURALSYS=color_hue=239;Taorlius Patience]I hate those imbecilic homo sapien customers who argue with us, thinking they know more about our job, than we who actually do the job. [/PLURALSYS]


[PLURALSYS=color_hue=158;Asano Takeshi]It gets quite frustrating when Kitani continues to let Taorlius out, because last time he was left in charge on his own we almost died. AGAIN![/PLURALSYS]

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Scars    3

The word "supper" i dont know why, it just really, really annoys me. People who chomp while eating, oh, and when family members have barely spoken to you all day suddenly decide to start an in depth conversation with you 5 minutes into the start of a movie.

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