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An Important School Issue

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Hi all, I feel the need to post this because I think this issue is important to me. (wait, did I post this in the right part of the forum?! Really sorry if it isn't posted in the right one ;-; )


My school has an extremely strict uniform policy that now extends to bags, for some reason. When this policy came out, students in Year 7 through to 9 were given these bags with school logos on them. Unfortunately, the bags are cheaply made, not waterproof and easily breakable. The thing is, the school even admits the bags are of poor quality!! At first, they are given out for free but, if it breaks (which happens quite often, especially if students carry much a much heavier load) parents must pay £15 for a new one. One parent had to pay over £45 in a very short amount of time due to their child's bag constantly breaking. However, due to the price and the poor quality of the bags, many parents can't or are refusing to pay for new ones. Students, if they do not have the school bag, will then have to line up at the "poor door" to get a flimsy plastic bag to carry their belongings in. Because of this, students with plastic bags are being bullied and belittled by others around them for being "poor". I've heard several stories of people having their plastic bags ripped open and belongings stolen by others.


You might be asking yourself "why not come in with your own bag then?!". Many students would love to bring their own bags in. However if they do, it breaks the school policies and they are therefore given detentions and isolation's by teachers. If it is a repeated offence, students will be permanently excluded from the school.


I'm so tired of my school taking advantage of poorer children and not listening to students! Before all this, our bags were the only things we could express ourselves with since bracelets, rings, certain hairstyles and colours etc were banned (because they are apparently "distracting our learning") but now, that's also been taken away from us. I think our school is being very hypocritical and idiotic with this. They like to preach to us about being unique, different and independent but then they make everyone look like clones and take away our things that allow us to express ourselves. It's very aggravating and frustrating as it has made some students miss school for fear of being bullied.


My school has been in the news for this and many news websites have written about this. A petition was started about a week ago by some mums to try and make my school change its stupid and strict policy so, the bags only become optional as opposed to necessary. The link to the petition is here if you disagree with this god - awful policy.

If your postcode does not work because you are not from the UK, please try BN25 as it is part of the code for my area. If you are still unable to sign, my schools contact information is listed on their website and in the petition itself so you may complain directly to them.


Many thanks


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AppyHeart    113

I couldn't sign it for some reason but I made an E-mail for them.


Hello. As a friend of someone who goes to your school, I ask you to lift this BAG school policy which makes kids have to use your supplied bags. They should be able to bring their own bags. Specially if some more unfortunate kids do not have bags to use. THAT is when you should offer the bags you wish to hand out. And if it breaks, remember they are poorly made and simply give them out until they are gone. I am sure you can make money off students another way then making incompetent pieces of garbage for them to carry around with their belongings in it which break so often they end up paying far more then it's even worth. So please. Think about it. How would YOU like it if you bought a sandwich.... and the sandwich LOOKED good but slowly as your eating it the meat suddenly vanished, take another bite the insides disappear all together and now all you have is a cut up piece of bread. It wasn't your fault it disappeared so you ask for another sandwich because your hungry. But this time you have to pay for the same disappearing sandwich and you have to hope it won't vanish before you can enjoy it. Not to mention if you couldn't even have a sandwich to begin with being forced to just have a drink. Point is, a student shouldn't have to worry if their items will break if you are supplying them or be scared it is deteriorate before the end of the year. And those who are not fortunate enough to even have a bag once it breaks shouldn't be forced to use plastic bags and succumb to being bullied for it.I know it might not seem easy to fix but if you put in a rule that perhaps is more helpful then it is disastrous perhaps you'll find things will be a lot better for the students and that's who you should really care about.

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Gryff    428

Wow...that seems like the kind of issue they should have foreseen. Yes, clearly label which students have families with economic troubles, that would never go poorly. I was fortunate; my school's only strict codes were about how low a girl's top could be. Yeah, it was kind of dumb, but not this level. What's wrong with people bringing their own bags anyway?

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