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Paladin Yami

Looking for Warcraft Guild

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I've been playing my Draenai Paladin as DPS for a long time, but when I hit 110 I decided to try tanking. I quickly discovered that I LOVE tanking! The only problem is that I don't have any friends who can teach me how to tank better, and when I run dungeons people tend to dash off and pull everything without me so I don't have a chance to learn anything. I'm not *bad* I just know I can be better, and I want to be better.

So, I'm looking for an Alliance guild to join that can help me learn to tank more proficiently, and hopefully also do some general running around, world quests and what not. I'm on the Whisperwind server and live in the Mountain time zone. I've got an 878 iLvl. I'm not really looking to raid but I would certainly be willing to try! If your guild also has room for my husband (Human Fire Mage, long time player) then that'd be a bonus for us both. :P

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