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Preferred category of food?

What is your preferred category of food? (Pick 2)  

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  1. 1. What is your preferred category of food? (Pick 2)

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Raijun    25

Nothing much to this one. I know a lot of people probably prefer meat, as is the general trend, but I'm sure there's a lot more variation than one might otherwise imagine.


I happen to absolutely love fruit. If you locked me in a room with an infinite amount of fruit and its respective nectar, I would probably opt to love rather than loathe you forever. Fruit is awesome. :P


So pick two. It was an act of mercy on my part. :P Heh.


I also picked Dairy. Although I am a pastaholic and will absolutely decimate any bowl of pasta you place before me in mere seconds, I still love my dairy products. Only straight milk do I not enjoy, ironically.

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I'd like to add that, even though this is just another kind of meat, I'm especially fond of seafood. I could happily eat fish, crab, shrimp, clams... Just about anything that comes out of the ocean will do me just fine for the rest of my life.


Dammit, now I want tilapia... I've gone and made myself hungry lol

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Starborn    216

This was, quite honestly, really hard for me.


Steak, ground beef, and shrimp are some of my favourite foods, but other than that, I actually don't eat a lot of meat. If I had access to more grazers (buffalo, deer, moose, etc.), it would likely be my favourite, but I avoid pig like the plague and don't like bird very much either.

After much consideration, I went with fruit (because it's like candy, only good for you) and grains (despite the fact that it's not super good for you, the Italian in me is a total carbivore).

If I could have, though, I would have picked all of those categories. I love food and am a total health nerd.

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Nyht Myst    62

The choice was relatively easy, I love meat and seafood (beef, ham, chicken turkey, deer, alligator, salmon, tuna, shrimp, crab, ect.) and all kinds of pastas, rice, breads, and ect.


I love fruit, especially dried cocnut and mango, but not enough to fight for a spot on the poll; I also love cashews and macadamia nuts. I'm not a huge fan of vegetables and only recently come up with a basic salad that I will choose over meat or pasta, and I'm lactose intolerant so I have to be careful with dairy.

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