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Forum Kintype Numbers

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Mirath    284

I was thinking this morning, because it seemed interesting, would there be a way to show how many of each kintype there are on this forum? Say, running it automatically of Primary Identity, with Multiple System checked/unchecked, or something along those lines.


So it'd be more like, how many wolf Therians are there, how many dragonkin. And so on.


If there's an easier way to do this, then I apologise, and would like to know what that way is.


Yes, there is the long way of going through the search member list and do it that way.

And also there are quite a lot of kintypes, so I doubt this would be plausible.


Worth a shot though.

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Magic    97

This would be really cool to see, I don't think this option exists yet. @Shiro could maybe see how many? I think it would be neat to have a list under "members" where the kintype options are, and those with it chosen are listed below so people could look to find others of their kintype(s). Hmmm.

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