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Official Social Media Pages & Outside Resources

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Social Media Pages

Kinmunity operates various accounts on social media. These accounts are used to communicate with users in the event of extended downtime, or similar situations where it is necessary to make an announcement outside of our site. We highly recommend that all users follow these pages/accounts so that they can get the latest news from our staff members if the site is ever offline. We also post other updates to these accounts that may be relevant to our users. We have added the links to our social media pages to the instant messaging bar that appears on the bottom of the site for the convenience of our members. Our social media pages are listed below:

Facebook: Kinmunity

Twitter: Kinmunity (@Kinmunity) | Twitter

Google+: Kinmunity - Videos - Google+

Tumblr: Kinmunity: Official Blog

Please follow us on these accounts for the latest updates. Thanks!

*Outside Resources

In addition to our social media pages, Kinmunity also operates a small (but growing) list of outside resources. These resources allow you to stay connected to our community even when you're not logged into the site. Some of these resources do not even require membership on Kinmunity to access. They are listed below:

Steam Group: Steam Community :: Group :: Kinmunity

Discord Server: [guest]Our Discord server is only available to users who have registered, confirmed their account, and logged in.[/guest][registered]Join Server This is a personalized link, and cannot be distributed to others for any reason![/registered]


*Disclaimer: Some outside resources will require you to be registered and logged in before they'll display in this post. There are no service guarantees on outside resources! Outside resources are are intended to supplement the resources available on Kinmunity.com, and do not replace them.

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