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Otherkin: Anthro Otherkin

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Anthro Otherkin

Centered around Anthro-type Otherkin and their experiences.

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Sharing this for a friend and thought it might be useful for anyone who identifies as an anthro-type Otherkin since I think resources for those types of individuals is a rarity.


In the Otherkin communities, non-human anthro's are often bipedal (not always) versions of Therian or Otherkin species with human-like intelligence. Our dedication to this specific group of individuals stems from the fact that many Anthro's feel that purely Otherkin and Therian communities cater too much to the feral aspects of being non-human whereas Anthro's tend to feel uniquely human with some additional animal qualities. In this regard, issues surrounding our types and experiences may differ significantly from more feral animal-centric forums. If you feel you're a good fit here, please join us!




Click here to visit Anthro Otherkin

By clicking the link above, you will be directed to another site that is not affiliated with Kinmunity. Kinmunity takes no responsibility for the content of this site.


Resource submitted by: Dewdrop

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