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Tribute to Charlie, to freedom

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Alêis    0

Today, and this for three days, is a day of mourning for France.

Indeed, yesterday morning, France to undergo an attack.

Yesterday, the newspaper office "Charlie Hebdo" has been attacked. 12 dead, including 2 policemen. The satirical drawings of the newspaper were targeted but not only ... This is the freedom of the French and our democracy that was hit. But it is not only France but also other democratic countries that are affected.

Our freedom of speech, thinking, being! All this was seriously injured and remains under threat. You therianthropes, otherkins, vampire, demon etc ... you know how our freedoms are important! We already suffer from having to live more or less in silence, sometimes in the rejection because of our different ideas. This act reminds us of all these difficulties.

Today some people died and millions were injured.

But we are partly responsible ... We French, many have misjudged charlie Weekly, has pointed the finger when we could have avoided such a misfortune! It is only now that we realize that this newspaper defending our rights of speech, our freedom to all.

They died for their ideas. Who could make that today? ...

They fought and died for France.

Today and for three days we French and world citizen must tribute to them, think about them and continue to fight for our freedoms.


We are all equal, we are all Charlie.



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Oxalaia    102

Gosh. I find it really terrible what happened. It's just to horrible to words. Hopefully it comes good but for now my thoughts are out to these people.

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Alêis    0

Those responsible for the attack were killed today in two police assaults. Criminals have been neutralized! But this doesn't removed the pain of their actions.

They made immortalize "Charlie Hebdo" who became a symbol of freedom.

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