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Well I've played Chivalry Medieval Warfare on PC and loved it. It's great, but I started playing it on PS3 and it's crapola! It lags even in single player and blocking and attacking is 50/50 that it will work. People constantly rubber-band around and if you get cought in the middle of a mob, good luck because it just going to be a managery of glitchy jumpy retardedness. Anyone else play both version and i'm not insane? It's fun , but screw that lag!

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Gryff    428

I haven't played the PC version, but I can attest that the console version is terrible. You can see my review of the Xbox 360 version on www.thatvideogameblog.com and suffice to say, I wasn't impressed. At least I didn't have to pay for it.

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