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Tapatalk Removal (08/24/2015)

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Shiro    434

This announcement should serve as a heads-up to mobile users, We are intending to remove Tapatalk compatibility on August 31st 2015. Tapatalk is used by about four users per day on Kinmunity, and we do not feel that justifies the large number of security, privacy, and stability concerns that it introduces into our community. It should also be noted that the majority of our site's functionality is not accessible via Tapatalk, requiring users to have to access the mobile version of our site for most tasks anyway. Our site is mobile device friendly and can be accessed from your mobile browser without the use of Tapatalk. For avoidance of doubt, some of the reasons we are removing Tapatalk include:

  1. TT started to divert users to login through their own login function instead of our login.
  2. TT showed advertising even though we opted out.
  3. Tapatalk did not alert us about a security vulnerability for months. This vulnerability could have allowed attackers to gain access to your phone/credentials.
  4. The TT search function is now diluted with results from other websites.
  5. By default TT uploads images to TT instead of our server. We turned this off.
  6. TT keeps removing our usergroup permissions.
  7. TT keeps adding annoying popups to the site, which we keep removing.
  8. We discovered that TT seems to be using a copy of our content on their servers. They have not asked permission for this.
  9. TT has modified our email templates, without our permission or advanced knowledge.
  10. TT has a history of being an intrusive and bug-ridden security nightmare.

For these reasons, we recommend removing Tapatalk from your mobile device and browsing Kinmunity through the mobile browser that came with your device. Thank you.

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Shiro    434

After further review of the security and privacy practices demonstrated by Tapatalk, we have taken the action of immediately removing compatibility. We will be providing PushBullet as a replacement for notifications. To setup PushBullet, download the app and see the external accounts section of your profile. Thank you for understanding.

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