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Show off your pets!

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AKA the thread I made so I have an excuse to talk about my precious doggos ❤️ 

This is Mhya!


She's an elderly goofball who's convinced she's still a puppy. She spends 90% of her time sleeping and the other 10% pouncing around with her butt in the air trying to lick peoples' faces and/or get belly rubs. I love her to bits. She is the most ridiculous and precious doggo and she loves literally everyone she meets. Also, despite being a "scary" staffy she is absolutely terrified of my neighbours chihuahua mix and will literally hide behind me from this dog that is a third of her size... my poor girl... 😂

I used to have another dog, Oscar, but when I moved out of my parents' place he stayed with them. I still see him practically every day though! This is he:


He is a potato in dog form. He's the most chill, laid-back dog I've ever known. He's also the most socially awkward dog I've ever known - he never seems interested in meeting other dogs and is FAR more interested in walking and eating grass (?? yeah idk but there's nothing medically wrong with him, he's just... real strange). He also loves cuddles. And he cries a lot, especially if someone has pizza and refuses to share with him. He's a bit of a drama queen tbh.

So! Tell me about your pets! Share pictures! 😄 

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Oh goodness, I doubt I could post an image of every one of my chickens, so I'll just share this photo of Storm with her chicks, (we've had many more clutches this year but this is likely the best photo I have currently.) The chicks have since all grown up healthy and the males have been rehomed to a sanctuary for cockerels.


And also Kero my green-cheeked conure, who I don't have many good photos of on my computer so this'll have to do.
She greets me every morning and asks people "What 'chu doin'?" at random moments. She has a passion for watching the washing-up being done (the dishes, to Americans), and mimics the sound of running water whenever you pour yourself a drink or turn a tap on. She's better at mimicking sound effects rather than voices as she'll often sneeze if you do and picked up the annoying habit of making the sound of when we scrape the plates clean in the kitchen. Less than pleasant on the ears lol


I don't really see any of the animals with me as 'pets' though, they're my family, and I don't think I could see them as anything else.

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My beloved birdie companion Darwin. Another Green Cheeked Conure, although he's a Yellow-Sided mutation. Not a day goes by when I question how on earth I got through life before he came around. He loves nothing better than to sit on my shoulder and snuggle into my neck at any given chance. Easy enough to know when he wants scritches as he'll rub his head against my fingers and chirp "tickle, tickle". He's got a fair vocabulary of noises and phrases/sentences from mimicking the phone ringing to shouting: "you're a naughty naughty boy aren't ya?" across the room. If he wants to go somewhere else he'll make sure you're the one carrying him over like he's royalty, he refuses to fly unless it's a last resort. I have a few pictures, but it's hard as every time he spots the camera he wants to sit on it and check it out. 





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These are my rabbits,Hazel and Snickers!
Hazel is a mismark black dutch that I got from a breeder who couldn't show her because of her white ear. Snickers is a broken chocolate mini rex that my mom picked out.


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These are my two little hyllus diardi girls from the jumping spider family.

Finnja and Lyra.

Finnja is about 1,2 cm and Lyra is 2 cm.

They are very calm and friendly. Never agressive or threading. Very curious about what is going on around them. Always watching and enjoying their heating lamp and the crickets.




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I think I have too many pets to share photos of all of them.. as I don't want to photobomb this place, so here is the list of everything @Tivaran and I keep together:

1 bearded dragon, 1 halmahera blue tongue skink, 1 savannah monitor, 2 argentine red tegus, 2 crested geckos, 3 leopard geckos,
3 boa imperators, 1 woma python, 1 corn snake, 1 ball python, 1 white lipped python, 2 rottweilers, 1 cat, and 2 tarantulas.  

I'll share a couple photos~

Here's one of the tegus, Atlas ❤️ 

The savannah monitor, Hazel ❤️ 

My boa, Zaria ❤️ 

And my bearded dragon, Marcella 

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K.C. - 15 year old female kitty, with suspected Egyptian Mau genes



Rosie - 1 year old female kitty who thinks she's really a wolf


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Guest Phase

I have a few cats but here are four of them...


And also...these two...




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