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Updates & Downtime (08/25/15)

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For about twenty minutes on 08/24/15, Kinmunity experienced downtime due to an update performed on our server. The update was not expected to cause the issue that it did (which was apparently to overwrite /etc/network/interfaces, Gods know why it would do this). This issue has been resolved and we sincerely apologize for the issues caused. We are also aware of that the server was slow to respond much of the day, and this has also been fixed.

Site Updates

Over the past few weeks, we made a few key updates to the site that are worth mentioning:

Removed Features

Added Features

  • We now support PushBullet. PushBullet is an application you can use to receive mobile notifications on Kinmunity and other sites. You may simply download the app (available for mobile, PC, and mac) and associate it with your Kinmunity account here. This provides the mobile alert functionality that Tapatalk used to have, without the security and stability issues.
  • Tons of badges in the KinCash Shop!


  • A bug in the social groups system that prevented editing the cover in certain circumstances has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue causing lag when using Kinmunity.
  • The KinCash system has been improved, and will no longer award KinCash in the general 'off-topic' areas of the site. KinCash earned before this fix has not been removed from users.
  • We have improved security on Kinmunity, namely in our registration system. Unfortunately, that means that JavaScript now must be enabled for registration.

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