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Picking up on certain words in songs?

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Mirath    284

I was wondering if anyone else has some reaction to certain words in songs. Whether these are good or bad reactions, I invite you to share them.


For me, it's any instance that 'space' and/or 'time' is brought up in a song. Mainly these are in a lot of DragonForce songs, and some of Iced Earth, and I feel a strange pull towards those words.

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I know there are certain parts of songs that just stick with me and I tend to sing at random times in my life when they relate to what I'm feeling. A few examples are:


"This is my Vietnam. I'm at war." -Pink, Vietnam


"Whose eyes am I behind? I don't recognize anything that I see. Whose skin is this design. I don't want this to be the way that you see me." -Train, Ordinary


"I'm still alive but I'm barely breathing. Just praying to a god I don't believe in." The Script, Breakeven


These are just a few of the thousands of songs I've collected in my mental library



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Fieron    70

Not words alone, I resonate with "Death Bell" by Crosses a lot. The words are repeated for the most part. I kind of have to drop everything I'm doing when the song starts.


"I climbed inside your golden gates

I fell into another state

High inside your holiness

I give into you all the way


I follow you

Into the light

I follow you

Into the light

I will"


I'm not sure why...makes me cry every time, too.

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Cipher    289

I really like it when songs have lots of words and unique verses, with crisp enunciation (the main song I'm thinking of is Let Your Troubles Roll By by Carbon Leaf). It's just so satisfying to listen to.


As far as specific songs go, I really love (well I really love the whole song) this bit of You Know My Name by Chris Cornell:

"I've seen angels fall from blinding heights

But you yourself are nothing so divine,

Just next in line...."


The rhyme is just. Like I said. Really satisfying.

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Laufey    68

I have a few lyrics I resonate with specifically:


Sour Grapes- Puscifer


And the angel of the lord led me

Into the belly of the holy mother

A chamber black as pitch

But I felt no fear, only comfort,


For I was as a child in the womb

And she bade me

"Peer through yonder portal

Which looked upon the heavens,

And behold! a mournin' angel"




She ascended slowly from far beyond the horizon,

Her light like a heavenly finger pointing the way

And on yonder wall she traced for me a path

Which led me five directions, eight winters to east


Her Ghost In the Fog by Cradle of Filth


She was divinity's creature

That kissed the cold mirrors

A Queen of Snows

Far beyond compare

Lips attuned to symmetry

Sought Her everywhere

Dark liqoured eyes

An Arabian nightmare...


Bombs Away by B.O.B


And it seems like, in the grand scheme of it all

The world's run by a few people and we never seen them at all

How do they exist if we don't know who they are?

They can be you, they could be me, they could be queens and gods

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PinkTitanium    14

If I tried to list all of them I would be here all night, so I will just share the most recent that had me with a major case of feels.


"You feel unworthy of the throne, you have forgotten who you are. We all have be the blood of angels, we all fell from the same star."

Kings- The Pierces

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Lavrii    0

I have lots, lots, lots, and lots ^^. These are just some part of the song that I really like to sing.


"Lighting Strikes, from below, after the rain, there are rainbows. And we go through it! Yes we doooooooooooooooo! But there's a brighter side." - DJ Okawari


" This is real life. The only one we get to live. I remember being broken and something gotta give. This is real life. Every we do is legendary. And we gon do it to the day we in the cementary." - Logic


"Smoking chronic while you was learning bout English big I was teaching Ibonics I spit fire so demonic writing code like I made Sonic." - Logic (That one sounds cool sorry! xD)


"As I was dying, bleeding, losing my conscious, flashbacks of reminders of things I never accomplished. Everything turned white. Than everything was fine. No more worries. Snap back to reality. But I felt good when I was dying. A voice in my head said don't stop keep trying." - Phora


"Everybody has a struggle, Questions everywhere yo this life is a puzzle. Everybody has their own story. Everybody has a page when it's pourin'." - Jaytekz


"I shouldve known the tides were getting higher! We can still survive!" - Asking Alexandria


"MAMA!!!!!!!!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Didn't mean to make you cry! If I'm not back again this time tommorrow! Carry on! Carry on! As if nothing really matters." - Queen


"Long ago, I made a vow! To never ever let you down. Than you slipped right through the cracks, and that one thing I do regret. Lost inside this mind of me And my my I'm going blind!" - Cole Sipe


" I don't know what's worth fighting for! Or why I have to scream! I don't know why I instigate! And say what I don't mean! I don't know how I got this way! I know it's not alright!" - Linkin Park


"I tried to be someone else! But nothing seemed to change, I know now. This is who I really am inside!" - 30 Seconds to Mars


I have a lot more >.<, and there is one song I forgot. But I can't find it.

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AshenFall    406

There's too many to list them all, but I'll put a few of them down. I get that kind of feelings with both lyrics and the music itself, where I can't help but replay over and over that certain bit because it just... it just feels perfect. And I can't even explain why, they just do.


Of course I have to list the lyric that gave me my username: "There was nowhere to hide, the ashes fell like snow." - New Divide (Linkin Park)


And these are just a few more. I won't list too many or I'll be here all day:


"When all is dark and loss is all you know, just search, you'll find a home." - Searching For A Home (Famous Last Words)


"You can throw me to the wolves, tomorrow I'll come back leader of the whole pack." and "Every wound will shape me, every scar will build my throne." - Throne (Bring Me The Horizon)


"I'm not really bad I'm just made up of bad things. I'm really not a madman, the voices keep asking." - Day Of The Dead (Hollywood Undead)


"Sometimes I can't hide the demons that I face. Sometimes, don't deny, I'm sometimes sinner, sometimes saint." - Sometimes (Skillet)


"Fallen angel, just let go, you don't have to be alone. Fallen angel, close your eyes, I won't let you fall tonight." - Fallen Angel (Three Days Grace)

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Imber    3

I feel the pull to a few words such as a mention of flying, or floating. However usually the strongest pull is a combination of words, and there are too many for me to list. I am currently hooked on Owl City's Shooting Star.... pretty much the whole songs lyrics are pulling me.

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