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Small Updates (09/03/15)

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Naia    444

It's update time again! The main purpose of this update was to fix bugs and enhance user experience on Kinmunity. Enjoy!



  • An error that prevented the groups system from properly working while trying to load the activity feed on older groups has been fixed.
  • Transparency was added to the "Mermaid" shop item, which should have been there originally.


  • The chat system has been updated; it will now announce when a user joins a room in all cases, the bot can also act as an auto-responder to certain trigger words, we intend to use this later.
    • Users who choose to login as invisible should understand that by using the chatroom, you are giving out your login status.

    [*]We performed various server-side updates that should make the site load faster and ensure continued security for our members.

New Features

  • The chatroom now has a responsive "mobile" mode.
  • We have added a new forum called "New Frontier" for those new to the otherkin and therianthropy communities.

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