Falisities of Fae Vol. 2

I wanted to write something to go along with Nyht Myst's article, as there really isn't enough information on Fae around here. There are so few of us, it's a subject rarely discussed. There is so much random information online, but none of it matches us exactly, it is impossible to do so.

I can't explain to you every Fae, no sooner than I could explain to you every human.

Each of the Falsities, Misconceptions, Myths, and Misbeliefs she listed effect me differently. Some more so than others. With her permission, I've written a response to the ones that I felt needed more explanation, reiteration, or just a personal point of view, to diversify the source. I hope this is helpful.

Fae are kind and friendly/Seelie-Unseelie

Yes, I am very kind, and very friendly, about 75% of the time.

The other 25%, I would be more likely to verbally tear your heart from your soul rather than give you a hug. I am a mother, I am an empath, I hold people's feelings and desires close to my heart, closer than anything. I reach out for the lost and misguided, I advocate protection, and security, and peace. I also, have a line. I have a boundary, a threshold, when it's pushed I do not lose all of those things that describe me, that define me, I simply tire of them. I will never push to someone's failure, but I will rescind my reach, and quiet my advocacy, when things become overwhelming. To some, this change is perceived as cold, unfeeling, and hurtful. This is where my empathy shuts down and is overrun with apathy. I no longer care about anything other than my own feelings. This is natural for me, this is how some of us grow neutral to politics. We thrive in the middle of the crowd until we have had too much. Then we ignore the crowd until we are rested. Some Fae, are like that 75% of the time, and only kind and friendly 25% of the time. Much like a Yin Yang, there are two sides, but there is a little of each in both sides.

That is how I see Seelie/Unseelie. I know this better as Summer/Winter or Solar/Lunar courts, but that's just me.

Tiny, Beautiful, Dragonfly Wings/Fae are shallow

Anything with that specific description (to me) would be a Pixie.

We are not ALL Pixies. You don't describe the entire human race as "Tall, blonde, and pale skin." Just like I can't describe to you what every human looks like, I can't do the same for Fae. I have large wings, very large, that fall under no common description of anything. I have Glamour, which astrally would allow me to take the form of whatever I wish, but doing so drains an extensive amount of energy. To some I am beautiful, in both Fairy and Human form. It depends on how an individual person perceives me, their personal preferences, etc. I can be vain, I take my public appearance seriously, and it does make me feel electric when complimented, but I have also learned to be humble, in turn. I've learned from my mistakes. People tend to say "Fae are Shallow" in a way that better says we are incapable of evolution. That we are Tricky, Manipulative, and we do not change. We do change, we grow just as you do. If you meet a Faekin who is Shallow, Manipulative, etc. I would say they are probably also young in their Fae and human age. That, if given time, they will eventually grow out of these things, to an extent.

Fae are Demons/Cannot lie

I've heard that Fae (faeries, at least) are the offspring of Angels and Demons. The world I come from believes this very much. This doesn't mean it's true for every Fae. From what I've learned, almost every Fae comes from a specific place that matches them. Their own natural environment. I have yet to meet anyone from mine. It's like, if the entire Fae species and subspecies had their own planet, you would have hundreds of independant countries. Each equipped with their own environment, culture, and beliefs. My country believes we come from Angels and Demons, the country Nyht Myst would represent could believe something different. So while some Fae may be, or at least believe that, they descended from Angels and/or Demons, some do not. The same goes for "Fae cannot lie." Some Fae believe it to be equivalent to a sin to lie, some believe lying is an art form. It depends on where they're from, and how they were taught.

Fae are Spirits of the Dead/Cats and Fae hate each other

Ok, look at the stories these stem from, for example, you only see a Fae right before you die.

Scenario: It's 1632 A.D, you live in Scottland where religion is still some sort of Pagan, but generally pretty spiritual. (accuracy in facts is kind of irrelevant, this is just an example) So you are a very spiritual person, and as you near the end of your life, your spiritual self starts to really wake up and see things, like, maybe a spirit that looks like a Fae. As your soul prepares to depart, your sight charges, you see things you would have never seen before. This is, of course, only a theory, but it's again one of those things some Fae believe, and some do not. The same with cats, how they are able to see things humans don't see, and other animals as well. Even from a psychological view, it's easy to find ways this could have come about in the past. None of it means it's true, not for all of us at least.

Elements/Aversions to certain Metals

I am a Lunar/Winter Fairy, but I love swimming and water, and the sun and day time and all that fun stuff. I have a metal hip, it's made of titanium. I am allerigic to some cheap metals, they give me a rash. Large amounts of copper or iron do bother me. This is because I have a specific culture, environment, and personality pertaining to being Fae, and also because I am, in this life, human. No matter species/sub species of Fae you meet, you must also remember if they're in a human body, physically, then they are in fact human. They can have certain biological traits that are not "normal" for Fae, but there is no such thing.

And last, but most certainly not least-

Fae are flighty and cannot be taken seriously.

I saved this one for last because it means the most to me. It is so highly offensive, and frustrating, when someone does not take me seriously because I am a "Flighty Fairy." That is painful, it is discrimination. In many Fae cultures, humans are not taken seriously, and are seen as toys, things to play with, and this is a well known thing. This is terrible and not all of us feel that way. Because of this image people feel Fae cannot commit to anything, they can't be trusted, so therefore, you cannot take anything they say or do seriously. Contrary to this belief, most Fae are in fact very serious when the moment is called for. Some of us are light hearted and like to have fun/be silly, but are not incapable of being something solid. I personally have experienced this several times, and it's a rejection like no other. To be disregarded because I am Fae, assuming I hold no wisdom or experience, I can offer nothing. That's a feeling I wouldn't wish on anyone.


The entire point is, we are all different. We cannot be judged as a whole, no easier than the entire human race can be judged as one. We have our own multi-faceted piece of reality, our own origins. All we ask is that you do not define us as a generalized group. That you give us the time to show you who we are, and listen to what we have to say. I doubt you would regret it.