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TW: all the normal negative stuff and cussing I just got out of a really bad depressive episode, and I think its coming back. WIth family issues, toxic friends, and school just being absolute shit I think im in pain again. I wanna go back to the days when I just thought a bout a handsome prince...
I felt something today with another HTTYD dragon species that just hit me like I got electrocuted in the chest. Like, I can't be more than one species from the same "fictional" series, right? A species I've seen plenty and never had this sudden reaction? I don't know. I was just enjoying some...
I found this gem today - a caracal smelling a lily-of-the-valley plant! I nearly died when I saw it because lily-of-the-valley was the plant that Basil attributed to Mari. Here's the full image.
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After an hour of wrestling with Google Sheets, it's done. Out of curiosity, I released a poll that centered around the theory that most otherkin would want to physically become their kintypes if they could. I asked four questions: If you were to physically become your kintype, would you? What...
All the system members Kirby - polymorph Jade - bug person? Raemus - werewolf Zim - fictive//irken Mushroom - ghost Gabriel - angel Axel - skeleton Good Boy - dog Mono - elf Achilles - elf Teddy Lupin - Metamorphmagus Eros - mutant Wylan - human//fictive Dipper - human//fictive Mable -...
Memories. Everyone has them. Memories have always been hard for me. I've never trusted my memories, but here we are. I have many memories from many places. I have my current life memories. I have my past life memories. I have my memories from my daydreams. I have my memories that my alters share...
Sometimes when I chase live prey I make this weird sound that sounds like that of a cougar. I think to myself "why am I doing cougar vocals?" It all makes sense now. That's a caracal sound, and I was making it without knowing that it was a caracal thing.
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I remembered something from my previous life. For awhile I had a feeling I had a sister I lost during the infection, but now I remember that truth and more about her. Her names Emily. She's my younger sister not by that much, at least 18 or 17 now She, of course, is a fox like me. When we...
I've been noticing lately and have been thinking on it heavily for the past few days, but I've been coming to the conclusion that (from my light furykin type) I've been feeling very frustrated with being in the modern time. Like, I really do feel like I'm supposed to be around during the viking...
There is one thing that doesn't sit right with me in my source, and that is the journey to Deep Well. You enter Headspace, everyone is gone, Something broke into White Space and locked you out, and a thick fog covers the whole world and prevents you from going anywhere. You find Mari at the...
Everyone had a perfect baby impression at some point in life.
I know that this is the bad ending but Omori comforting Sunny is such a fucking comfort to me, because Shayde doesn't give a pretty penny about me.
I went to the gardening store for one (1) column of foxglove, came back with enough to poison a small army. At least I'm prepared for WWIII, I guess :/
T.S.P entered the carnival at one point after i got infected and left notes. Willow writes the notes normally, she did here. She left a note saying "Doggy and Foxy got what they deserve." If you read the last one, I got infected by doggy, doggy and the player are friends because their cops...
First, I gotta state the most important thing here I believe devs don't choose whats right abt the actual universe of that fictional source, their almost separate yet still the same if that makes sense. Things in my previous life don't match with the game bc Minitoon doesn't decide whats real...
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We had left them at our old place for the night, but some shmuck broke in at 2 AM. There was nothing there of course, just them because their cage was too big to fit with the rest of the stuff. When we went back for them in the morning, someone told us that the fire department had come during...
To expand on my self portraits, I'm not sure why I'd draw myself like that. I've always felt connected to draconic traits on humanoid bodies. It was't often I'd feel compelled to draw a dragon when wanting to do a portrait. It's almost always been a human with draconic features. A person with...
Had wifi taken away at the residential. Now I can only use Kinmunity at school. WHYYYY?