So there was this huge friggin spider in my laundry room. Our resident expert in the house, AKA my dad, went in to see it and it was a fracking BROWN RECLUSE, the most deadly spider in the world! Keep in mind this damn thing is the size of an American half-dollar coin. It starts moving, and when we shone a light on it it tried to scurry away but I got the flip-flop of doom and threw it at the fracking terrifying arachnid (sorry I am arachnophobic...can't stand the two most common types of arachnids that live in Texas, the spider, and the scorpion). I missed, so we got another flip-flop of doom, this time I hit it and it died but I was so freaked and Chikyu decided to front when this happened, so I was trembling for a good five minutes afterward.

When I say deadly, brown recluse spiders are so venomous that if a bite is not properly treated within 30 minutes, that limb will have to be amputated. The venom causes your cells to degenerate by stimulating the lysosomes to eat the other parts of the cell, and the signals sent by the venom are easily transferred between cells so the cell death is extremely rapid. Not to mention these guys are huge typically, and can't control how much venom they pump into you, but brown recluse bites are almost never "dry bites," that is, they almost always inject some amount of venom.

Characteristics of the brown recluse spider (Loxosceles reclusa):
* Ranging anywhere from the size of a dime to that of an American half-dollar coin
* Dusty light brown in color, often with two black stripes running from the head to the abdomen
* Very narrow thorax in relation to the head and abdomen, giving the spider a violin-like body shape
* Don't like the light, will run very fast when light is shined on them
* Particularly fast for a spider

And yes, I know I put this under alterhuman, because Chikyu came out to the front for the first time in a while. They actually kept their head pretty well, but holy frack I hate spiders. No offense to any alterhumans who identify as a spider.


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