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Alas! The elders have given me my name (found my Kin name, for now atleast.)

If any of you saw my fourm, you know that I had been struggling to find a name for my elven identity...BUT! That it now no long the case! Thanks to a very helpful unicorn...(Ashera) I was able to find a group of good elder elves called "the silver eyes." They give out elf names to the youngins...I think its quite cute actually. I really hope I can get to a point in my life where all I do is relax in an elven paradise and teach the young elves and fae their way and help them find themselfs.


My name is....Lamaryn! It translates to "one who waits for the right moment". Wich i feel is perfect, honestly...I'm a right on time type of woman and useally know what to say, what to do, ect...Its prounouced "lah-mare-ren". I think I will be Ryn for short!

I am so happy to have this name and its so beautiful. It almost sounds french...

I am thinking of getting books that the silver eyes make and learning their offical language....the words of elf..i should say....the language i should know....

it makes me sad in myself almost that I didn't get to any of this sooner...but I am happy I am here now...the gods had a plan for me, still do and I followed through..having this name is step 1 to reaching my true wont get easier from here, but im willing to work for it so I can be come the true and complete me!

thank you! -Fahteyah/Lamaryn


That is a beautiful name! I am glad you took the time to seek it out and that it suits you well!

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