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Alterhuman Journal #1

so i'm still dealing with a jumble of feelings when it comes to labels like otherlink and therian. but for the first time in a long time, i'm starting to wonder to myself how voluntary my identity actually is.

for about the last six months (so since the time i joined this server), i have thought i am most likely an otherlink, and been completely fine with that.

but now i believe i actually have a history of involuntary werewolf shifts. i recalled in a conversation that i get this image of a roaring/growling werewolf in my mind when i raise my voice in anger.

besides that, i was also questioning if i may be a spiritual alterhuman as well, since i *may* believe in reincarnation because, well, everything in the natural world is cyclical! i mean, i think that when our bodies rot in the ground, and our nutrients leech into the soil and the mycelium and the plant roots, and the earthworms and decomposers decompose our remains, that we have "reincarnated", because our death has brought forth life for all of the organisms that consume and excrete us.


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