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This is where I'll keep all memories and information associated with my dragon kintype. I'm going to try to keep it chronological but it might end up in no particular order. All of the info listed below was gathered over years of meditation


To the best of my knowledge, Amorphous (commonly, Ammy) was what the humans in the village called her because of her shapeshifting abilities. I don't know what her initial name could've been, if there was one. I'm assuming there wasn't one or didn't know the concept, which I'll get to later


  • She wasn't born with the ability to breathe fire like other dragons, just puffs of smoke
  • Could shapeshift into three forms:
    • Land (primary form, wingless)
    • Wyvern
    • Aquatic (similar to land, but with fins)
  • Had tall spikes from her neck down to her tail, which were made of bone and not movable.
  • Presumably relied on open fields or water for food, and could run quite fast
  • Opalescent scales
Early Life

Amorphous was born in a cave on a mountain cliff, possibly with siblings but I'm not 100% sure. The parents were completely absent for unknown reasons, and she never met them. After growing up she stayed in the same cave alone while the others presumably left.

Village Life

  • There was a village some distance away from the mountains inhabited by humans. I'm not clear on what the relationship was initially, but I did catch fish for them.
  • During one visit the village had been attacked and partially destroyed by a different dragon, causing them to chase Amorphous away
  • At a different time, the dragon appeared again and she managed to chase them off, earning the trust of the village again. They would eventually rebuild
  • There was a flower festival at some point (I didn't know the exact details of it) where the villagers decorated me with flowers. This is also Amorphous's first time meeting her would-be friend that I don't know the name of, so I'm just going to call her Girl. She appeared to be very young at this point, maybe 4 or 5 years old.

  • Amorphous and her friend would meet up on a grassy hill by the sea routinely
  • Presumably in a conversation about names, Amorphous asked what her own name was. Girl said it was Ammy (pronounced awmee)
  • She knew Girl for her entire life, since human lifespans are much shorter than a dragon's
  • Girl was found out to be dead from old age when Amorphous waited on the hill and she didn't arrive. A man arrived sometime later and gave her a locket presumably belonging to Girl, which she kept


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