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The 11 was me and my physical bfs one year anniversary. This is a big deal to me cause I'm used to relationships ending just shy of a year, but we're still doing just fine. I'm going to visit him again in July and time is just passing so slowly. I want to be with him as soon as I can. I gotta buy stuff for my trip, mainly more travel bottles to put bath stuff in. I will be there for 3 weeks and last time I barely had enough body wash to last 2 weeks. Him and his brother have already gotten both shots so they're all vaccinated. I will be getting my second shot this Saturday (the 15). I'm hoping with us fully vaccinated we can actually go out if we wear masks. I know the mall there is still open.

Its gonna be weird there without his cat. His brother still doesn't want another cat. We have no plans. Just go out if and when we can, sit at home, watch movies, have dinner, snuggle a lot. I'm limiting myself to only spending $200 with him plus I will have food stamps to buy food to cook. I like making breakfast and dinner for him. If his job goes well, he should be able to save $500 a month for our apartment so we can live together by the end of the year. Tho I dunno how long my SSI stuff will take so it may be the start of next year before we live together.

I just hope it doesn't take a really long time. I'm really happy and relaxed when I'm with him. Living together will be quiet and peaceful. We never have anything to really fight about. Small arguments but no big fights. Things are great.


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