Art Challenges and Prompts List

β™‘ πΌπ“ƒπ“‰π“‡π‘œπ’Ήπ“Šπ’Έπ“‰π’Ύπ‘œπ“ƒ β™‘

Hello everyone! (*・ω・)οΎ‰ As I mentioned in my recent post on
How To Find Art Inspiration, art challenges and prompts can be
a great way to get ideas for your creative endeavors. So today,
I will be sharing a list of some of the most interesting and useful!
Whether it's by forcing you to work within creative limitations or
by helping you think of new ways to enjoy your creative freedom,
one of the ideas on this list may just be the key to inspiring your
next artistic masterpiece!

β™‘ 𝑀𝒢𝓉𝑒𝓇𝒾𝒢𝓁 π“…π“‡π‘œπ“‚π“…π“‰π“ˆ / π’Έπ’½π’Άπ“π“π‘’π“ƒπ‘”π‘’π“ˆ β™‘

Use a food/drink as an art supply (ex. painting with coffee)
Use household items to apply paint or ink, creating an interesting texture
Paint samples
Incorporate decorative/washi tape
Use notebook and/or graph paper
Buy and use scrapbooking paper or card-stock
Use the paper from an old book
Use all of your art supplies that are one color (all your green art supplies, for example)
Use only one art supply (ex. A single marker)
Draw or paint on a wooden surface
Use leaves, flowers, or other natural materials you found outside
Use something that reminds you of your kintype (ex. fake fur or feathers)
Use bottle caps, gears, and other found metal pieces
Use scraps of ribbon, fabric or string
Use leftover holiday wrapping paper
Create art using makeup
Create something with paper punches
Make art with your trash
Use items from your travels (tickets, postcards, etc)

β™‘ π’²π‘œπ“‡π’Ή / π’«π’½π“‡π’Άπ“ˆπ‘’ π“…π“‡π‘œπ“‚π“…π“‰π“ˆ β™‘
Element (scientific or natural!)
The Hunter
Shallow Perceptions
The Host
Dark Sun
Web Of Lies
The Superior
Off the Rails
Forgotten Castle
Mad Scientist
Living Plant
The Illusionist
Clock Tower
Roll the Dice
A graceful reaper
Key to the Kingdom
Fear Magic
Evil Twins
Dear Fellow Traveler
Chattering of Teeth
Out of Sorts
Queen of Candles
King of Clouds
Party favor

β™‘ π’ͺ𝓉𝒽𝑒𝓇 π’«π“‡π‘œπ“‚π“…π“‰π“ˆ β™‘

Do something with simple, geometric shapes
Draw something without lifting your pen, marker, etc. off of the page
Hide a secret message somewhere in your art
Use your hand/footprints
Let your pet paint something with their paws (USE PET-SAFE ART SUPPLIES!!!)
Illustrate a song lyric
Sew something onto the page
Dabble in surrealism
Draw someone thin
Draw someone chubby
Draw the above two characters together
Copy a famous painting but change things to your liking, so much so that it is no longer recognizable
Something exploding out of a head-orifice (bursting out of the mouth, for example)
Draw a twisted version of a fairytale
Replace one body part with another
Replace one body part with an object
Draw someone with an excess of one body part
Draw something with as few lines as possible
Draw the same thing 5 times, with slight differences each time
Get inspired by an event in folklore or mythology (The Fox's Wedding, Icarus and the Sun, etc)
Draw/paint ghostly lights or will-o'-the-wisps
Think of something intangible and abstract, then apply a physical quality to it. Attempt to draw it. (ex. boiled dreams)​


Note: This blog entry was made before the July 2020 site update that removed all blogs for a while. Though it had to be reuploaded at a later date, this entry was originally posted on May 5, 2019.

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