Astral Journeys

These aren't memory logs like my other entries, but specifically related to my astral projection experiences. I've only had two successful ones so far.

Journey #1

It's a weird story. I was dreaming and there was this fox I was raising in my house, but it grew up and was like...a spirit fox with weird glowy markings. It told me to close my eyes and a bright light transported me to a different dream where I was on a beach, but it was confined inside a cube where the walls and ceiling were the sky. (Like a diorama but real?)

I could do stuff related to Ammy in it, like fly and loop around with full control for the first time (normally I can only fly backwards). After that I woke up for about a second, then falling back asleep and getting a strange feeling where I would sink and float into the bed, and I started rolling.

It scared me a bit the first time (because I thought I would fall out of the bed) so I woke out of it, then immediately back into it where I kept rolling until I was somewhere dark. Then I got that static feeling on my whole body before focusing on the light and I got the creepy noises/images flying past me.

After all of that, I was in this galaxy/starry place. The ground was black and starry too, but was covered about 3 inches deep in this liquid (I'm guessing water) but it wasn't wet? I could do stuff I couldn't before, like the thing where you can conjure things on command (I saw wing arms for the first time, and a tail)
There was also this portal/door ahead of me, but I didn't get to go through it. I guess I lost focus since I woke up in my bed a few minutes later, before I could attempt actually becoming a dragon or anything.

Journey #2

This time I got the sinking/floating feeling again, then "peeled" away from my body. Then I drifted towards the ceiling and I could actually see myself sleeping on the bed. I felt kinda ghost-like at first, but I was able to get my bearings and feel the carpet and stuff.

Then I went outside and tried shifting again, and it worked...kinda? I had to focus on one part at a time, like the snout, horns, then my legs, etc. I wasn't able to fully be a dragon though, maybe like 70%? I could see my hand turn into a dragon hand (mostly just the fingers), but it was slow and would revert unless I focused again. Having different shaped limbs felt weird, but I got used to it pretty fast?

I was able to learn more about Ammy based on the partial shift though! My body was definitely "S" shaped, and I was primarily a fast runner (I think it was similar to a gallop). I tried growing my wing arms again, but it only worked halfway so the membranes were really short. The way it connected to my body kind of reminded me of a flying squirrel?


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