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Blog entries by FoxyAnimations

Hellokittygender, also can be called Hellokittycoric, is a gender feeling related to/centered around hello kitty, or aesthetics based around her. And general pastel pink, fluffy, soft, cute based things.
Weirdcoric: a gender that feels related to the aesthetic "weirdcore." It can also feel related to "dreamcore", or heck, even both.
Pastelsoft-gender: where one's gender feels related to pastel colors or one specific pastel color, and general cute, fluffy, soft, etc aesthetic things. Basically just softcore. Vibin with this flag rn~
Anyone here like the series on YT Petsscop? It was another creepy/weird series. I use to be totally obsessed with it, and I wonder if there's any fans on here. 🕊
The weird or creepy side of YouTube, is accordingly known as the side of the site YouTube, containing weird, strange, creepy or disturbing videos. Your not likely to find these accidentally. Some are well known, some aren't. A few examples include Happy tree friends, Possibly in michigan...
I recently, as in today, started getting into "tulpas." First, I want to tell you, if your wondering, what a tulpa is? In my definition, a tulpa can be a form of "imaginary friend" that has a mind of it's own, thinks for itself, etc. After reading a blog about plurality on, I...
Any trigger warnings: No, unless your uncomfortable with winter, snow, or cats. There is also mentions of claws. I know it's October and Leaf-bare is in a couple months, but, I love Leaf-bare. So, here ya go, Warriors Christmas Story. I actually hate Christmas, my parents smother me with...
Short blog entry but I keep finding out a lot about myself. It's amazing.
This is was my first time making an xenogender but I read a blog on some tips when doing so here haha.. Here's the flag I made that I settled with. The purple represents Minitoon the individual who made the game. The light cyan represents the character Bunny. The orange represents the character...
Foxy is an anthropomorphic fox (red fox possibly) from the Roblox game Piggy. He wields a knife, as well. He went through two designs, his old and new one. I don't really care for his new design, so his new design is not me... If that makes sense. My backstory is somewhat explained, my anonymous...