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Blog entries by Jeb_CC

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Since awakening as a Kaprosuchus, things have started making a lot more sense. Today I meditated in a pool... I wore my flippers and I felt my claws and my big scaly body gliding through the water. Being able to swim faster than all the others really gave me some euphoria too. Knowing I could...
Not going to finalise anything yet but since looking into NSFL content, my nightmares haven't felt like nightmares! For context, I've always had violent and gorey dreams for years, regardless of what I watched or heard whilst awake. My therapist couldn't do much about it, you can't really...
TRIGGER WARNING, Brief mentions of NSFL content: So I took a bold step in further engrossing myself into the world of horror and despair, and that is seeing what the world is really like - through the means of NSFL factual media. I've only been exploring for a day but I already have many...
In relation to my previous blog post, I made the decision to ditch majority of my social media. In these weeks of self reflection, I realise possibly that I may just loathe most of online interaction in general. The exceptions - places for actual thought and discussion, and not a mindless spew...
Figuratively speaking of course. I use Facebook, Twitter, and Discord. As an artist, the main reason for joining social media is to make myself known more as an artist. But I'm starting to question if it's worth it. Getting into details... Facebook - probably the most widely used social media...