Some bird feeling made their appearance this week, so decided to give them some time since they've been pretty neglected on this blog so far.

I'm still getting zygodactylous feet, and these don't feel linked to my draconic theriotype. It's hard to describe, but to link it with a sort of synesthesia, it's not the same color. I've also had a more avian shift at some point during the week, and I think I can confidently say that where my draconic type is always here in the background, only with time of more or less, I do get shift from no avian feeling to a lot of avian feeling. Feathers are also something that still resonate with me, although I am pretty sure it is not something linked to my draconic side. All in all, roadrunner may still qualify as a kintype, I do have a bunch of stuff that don't just enter under dragon. But do I identify as a roadrunner, or a winged beast similar to a roadrunner? It's hard to say.

On the other hand, I do know that seabirds and other terrestrial birds like pheasants are only kithtype. Out of awe for the seabirds, and of recognition of myself in them in terrestrial ones. I had a few phantom shifts of spurs, because of roosters. And I relate quite a lot to peacocks, they are with pheasants specifically comfort birds of mine. I removed corvids from my hearted types though, I like them, but it doesn't go further than that.

These days, my vocalizations and behavior ressemble parrots quite a lot, which is quite logical if wyverns had an evolution that somewhat paralled it. It's quite funny, and I like indulging in it.

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