Alien World, Wings Unfurled

ORIGINALLY POSTED: 16/05/20 I've sort of developed a self-conscious rule for myself and my own experiences that I am not allowed to associate myself with creatures or communities I can identify with if I am not technically one of them. The easiest example I can think...
ORIGINALLY POSTED: 12/03/20 My animistic worldview leads me to percieve beings in places where some would not. The rocks by the lake, the river that feeds the lake, the mountains that birthed the rivers - to me, they have presence in the same way that I or any other creature would. I also see...
ORIGINALLY POSTED: 10/10/18 One thing I've noticed since being open about my fictionkin identity is the immediate 'are you sure you're not a ___?' response. I understand this completely, and whenever a creature was mentioned I would do my best to look into it. Thing is... it kept going. I would...

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