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I get premonitions about fictional worlds sometimes. So far I've had premonitions about Blue Exorcist, Soul Eater NOT, Slayers, and Dot Hack Sign. I didn't exactly have a premonition about Homestuck but my fantasy characters had parallels with Homestuck trolls. For instance I've always been...
In general, Homestuck works or has worked as a prophecy [guide] and an awakening tool for me. Im really curious about other Terezi-kin right now. Ive noticed they exist but they dont have their experiences anywhere that I have been able to locate yet. Anyway.. Otherkin usually has some relation...
Sidhe Draoi
Reasons I am Terezi: My real name [Chelsea] sounds like Terezi. I have an absurdly long tongue. I look and dress like Terezi. [my hair ends up short, and when I straighten it, it always has a curve at the ends like hers. Ive always thought I look like a female version of Karkat and even tried to...

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