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It was a slow day, and that gave me an excuse to work on an unexpected personal piece- something a lot more standard: a sketch ref for the zhu in the mirror! I suppose it's about time, as I've been drawing her a lot (drawing me a lot technically speaking). It started out as a sketch to prepare...
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It took time for me to mentally go through this particular image. A rather heavy emotion...not in the way that 'Portal' turned out, but this one was much more somber. Nearly distressing until I had to put it at ease. Thinking back...
This was already a blog in other places but it was updated recently, and discusses the 'why' to zhuards. They are first and foremost accurately described as designed. Evolution had no real breakthrough role part in their creation. Since it is a little long, and I rather copy/paste hell... a...
I didn't know blogs were completely wiped out so...I'll restart with the basics /transferring ________ I needed something I could point others to when the topic of awakening came up. For me it is a complicated subject that would be tedious to rewrite so this is a shortened autobiography here...

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