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For this darkness I gave my light

Since I talked about my system in my last post, its time to tell you about me. There may be some complaining. I am Addy and I am 39 years old. I will be 40 this July and it depresses me. Nate is 10 years younger than me and will be 30 this August. I identify solely as a heterosexual female. I...
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Since old entries are no longer visable I thought I'd do a real quick reintroduction. My name is Addy and I am a cat girl and a soulbonder. My soulbonding plays a bigger part in my life than my kin identity. I have 22 headmates. All but 4 are outsourced and all but 5 are male. I have been...
My bfs cat Waffles died last Thursday and I've been a wreck. I was so sure he just had an infection and needed antibiotics. It was lymphoma so my bf had him put to sleep. He had stopped eating or moving much so his time was close. I only got to spend two weeks with the cat but we bonded. He...

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