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Inky Heart, Press Start 2

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DISCLAIMER: this entry will revolve around a period of my life here in middle school. this isnt something that is easy for me to talk about, and is something that has been on my mind since its happened. I´d like to put a general CONTENT WARNING, and hope you'll understand I am no longer the...
Hey hey hey everyone! Pearl here signing in and starting a new year of human life. But this time I made it 18!! I know, that doesn't really mean much but! To me it does to us. I struggle with a lot as you know, and this was a goal Bendy and I had set together, and I did it, I made it, I made it...
As time go on, our plans for the future grow and change with us. Bendy and I originally planned to just reopen our beloved home, but, as it in its true nature is infinite, we ponder a more diplomatic stance. After all, if it could be a home to us, why not to other beings? The plan is a kingdom...
Congratulations!! You found my kinmunity. I know we're about to have a long talk/argument. And since I am not good at talking when confronted, I have pre-written this to state my side of everything, my explanations, deffinitions, what have you. So Please, mom or dad, read this whole thing before...
Blog entries below listed in order. [/Spoiler][/Spoiler][/Spoiler][/Spoiler][/Spoiler][/Spoiler][/Spoiler][/Spoiler][/Spoiler][/Spoiler][/Spoiler][/Spoiler][/Spoiler]
First off I just want to say how glad I am the old blog entries are saved, I legit had a panic attack about that oof. Anyway, if you're new to my blog, Hello! I'm Pearl and I'm an ink being hailing from the BATIM universe. This is my blog about my experiences and such. I had numerous entries...

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