Hi, I'm EvernightWild! Evernight, Ever or Ev for short.
I love to laugh and I'm very intelligent. I'm also very creative and passionate and I like to read, sing, dance and act. I play basketball and do horse-riding (not competitively). I'm also working on some projects centred around rights/acceptance for children, women and the LGBTQ+ communities.

I currently identify as alter human and don't have a more specific title yet, however am content with just alter human. I have two kithtypes- the wolf (mainly timber wolves however I identify with all species) and the dragon (stems from a past life). My synpath is Livia Blackthorn from the Infernal Devices (a series by Cassandra Clare which you should definitely read).

I am also a dæmian, my dæmons name is Skye/Sk'ralia and she is a female, magical humanoid (exact identity is unknown). to communicate with Skye, I use writing usually in my diary, however I can use any piece of paper/writing material e.g. my school workbooks. Update - I have recently managed to grasp mental communication.

Recently awakened as a median plurality system. Headmates include - Emma (demiboy - he/him or they/them) and Xia (agender - ae/aer or she/her (only if other pronouns are too confusing))

I do have bad anger issues (I usually harm through words and passive-aggressive actions not violence however I do sometimes resort to fighting). I go through depressive episodes and have quite strong trust issues. I also get overwhelmed really easily which usually results in crying and self-hating comments (embarrassing but true).

ANYWAY, really excited to be here and I check my account daily (free most of the time aside from during the day on Mon-Fri, school ugh).