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Hello. I am Nyx. I have read back and searched memories before writing this to make sure we get this all right, Hades, Persphone, and myself have come into this system; When we did everyone was very upset and two kins were missing. Now then those two kins were Lillith and Roxim, Lillith had to...
Hello foolish mortals :3! Nice to see you all again! Its currrently 6:11 AM and im bored and really need to take my mind off the 3 exams i will be doing. So, with that being said lets talk a bit about what happened to my dumbass yesterday! Okay so last night i was inthe bathroom talking to...
So... we uhm 'had' this friend, who we dated and they cheated on us. recently (meaning like a year) my GF and I decided to let her hang out with us and... she kinda started spreading rumors about us. it got to the point where I had to sit alone every day at lunch and had nobody to talk to about...

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