Sometimes I wonder how much of my draconity is instinct, and how much is influenced by my vision of dragon in media.
My draconity takes core in something exterior to those media, and i have always been a dragon, and always will be, even if i had no idea what a dragon is. I would have simply called myself a monster. And i do have difference with the typical fantasy dragon, as i am covered in feathers more than scales, and i sports a bit more eyes than what is usually shown in dnd books.

I however also consider myself a bit of a shapeshifter, so it’s not impossible that i have fashioned myself to look more like a dragon in my mind due to relating to them, and i may have looked otherwise in a different culture, although keeping the core elements of arthropod, avian and reptile i always have.
But to go back on media themselves, as a child, I was insatiable when it came to dragon books, or even dragons in general. I collected toys, I had an obsession with dinosaurs, what i could think as the closest representant of them on this earth, devoured myths and legends, and, one day, found the serie by E. E. Knight : age of fire.
AuRon specifically was the character that shook me most. Although i’ve come to appreciate RuGaard, the copper, more in term of story, the character of AuRon was the one I saw myself in. And, as a child, I took the words of that book as truth! Female dragons lacked the crest males sported to defend againt throat bites in territorial joust, the fire of a dragon came from a pouch of inflammable liquid, the metals and gem they ate was what gave them their armor, and they sung to tell the tale of their life, to court mates and rear hatchlings.
Some other things were less satisfying to me : somehow I knew that dragoness were not always green, it was the one thing that I disliked.
Some other games, books and tv programs also made me continue to affirm my beliefs : dragon, a fantasy made real, for exemple, a movie I still look back to fondly. Again, there was the theme of a biological evolution for fire, and a pouch that would also serve to fly. The need to have a source of mineral to be able to spit.

So, now that I have to piece back the puzzle of my identity, I clearly see here and there pieces of dragons that i have learnt to love through those childhood memories.
In a way, it’s sort of bittersweet. i found a way to have dragons to guide me through my own draconity in a world that lacked my own kind.


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