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Boyfriends Cat

My bfs cat Waffles died last Thursday and I've been a wreck. I was so sure he just had an infection and needed antibiotics. It was lymphoma so my bf had him put to sleep. He had stopped eating or moving much so his time was close.

I only got to spend two weeks with the cat but we bonded. He really liked me. Aaron said that I was only the third person the cat ever liked. The other two being him and his brother. He also used to jump on the desk when we did video calls so I was used to seeing him every night.

Just a couple weeks ago he was fine and now hes gone. Aaron didn't want his ashes so he told the vet to dispose of them and I became an absolute wreck thinking about Waffles just being thrown away like he was nothing. I've cried so much.

Today I finally worked up the courage to call the vet and find out what they do with ashes that owners don't take. They hold them for 60 days in case you change your mind, after 60 days they get spread in a meditation garden. I am SO happy hes not just being thrown away and his final resting place will be nice. I just kept crying when they told me.

I miss him. I keep waiting for him to jump up during our calls, but hes not going to. Its harder for Aaron cause he has reminders of him everywhere. Its not the same without him there.

His brother wants to wait a while before getting another cat, but doesn't know how long he wants to wait. I don't want to replace Waffles too soon, especially not when we're still grieving. Aaron had him for a long time. He was old. I was so sure he still had a few years left.

I'm just so relived hes not gonna be thrown away and he will be put somewhere nice. All I wanted was for his final resting place to be nice. Maybe next time I visit we can find out where the garden is and see if we can visit it so I can say goodbye.


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