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Tw: Falling from heaven, death, being killed, holy water

So, there's quite a lot i don't remember about my demonic life, and its coming back to me slowly, in bits and pieces. My initial demonic awakening was remembering exactly 0 things, to being plunged into a violent flashback. And I'm still getting little bits. So the night before last, i had a dream. It was of a seraphim, burning eyes and flaming wings and pretty much incomprehensible. He was just... hanging out with me, not attacking me like most angels in my dreams. And yesterday, it all came back. He was my twin. We were created to be mirrors of each other, and we were given similar roles. Before i fell, we worked together to create stars, galaxies, nebulae. Our favorite creation was the Twin Jet nebula, or Butterfly nebula (M2-9). When i fell, i was in a dark place. I lashed out at anything and everything. He was the one who helped me, despite being in danger of falling himself. I can remember his human form like it was yesterday... Olive skin, white hair that always fell in his eyes, which were blue but looked gold in the sunlight (idk). His job, after the fall, was to guard the lost, the unwanted, and the different. I helped him, in the things he couldn't do. He couldn't intervene directly, but i could. We worked together well. We stayed close, even though we chose very different paths. I was black and red and silver, he was white and gold and blue. I loved (and still love him) in the only way a demon can: with everything i had. We were like the day and the night, different but stay in the same rhythms.
My last memory of him is also my last memory. The angels finally caught up with me, and i was outnumbered. He tried to stop them, he was ready to give up everything for me, but he was too late. I don't remember exactly what happened (which is probably good), but i can still remember the sting of holy water on my skin, and the look in his eyes as i died. I don't know what happened to him after that. I miss him, and hope dearly that he was reincarnated into this universe with me. If this sounds familiar to anyone, or have any friends who are angelkin who might remember this, please contact me.


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