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I definitely feel more carnivorous than the average human. I've played with the idea of at least trying to go vegetarian for a bit to see, but in the end, meat has such an impact on my mental health that going without it just makes me feel drained and hungry all the time, and sometimes almost sick.

I've been craving meat a lot lately, the mouth feel of raw fish specifically. Had raw shrimps today, so it definitely was nice! Some raw beef and raw salmon too.

I've always been a fan of raw meats in general. I'd say my fave is beef, I especially adore Carpaccio, but I've also always liked fish, in sushi for exemple. I've never had raw horse or deer, but I know it's a thing! A tradition I know is to eat the heart of the first deer you hunt raw or roasted, so I'd definitely be tempted to try that if I ever hunt. Raw could definitely be dangerous, but I have found a few cooking recipes that make it safer.

I've eaten a few more unusual meat too, be it from unusual animals, like horse, hare, deer, boar, duck, pigeon, frog or catfish, or something I like even more, usually unused parts like offals. Livers, hearts, guts... I usual eat those with my grandparents.

It always felt more respectful and natural for me to eat creatures whole compared to just the "nice bits". It just feels so disrespectful to have several bits and pieces of different preys in one plates and knowing most of them will be wasted. I thrive to one day be able to just straight up buy the entirety of an animal and learn how to conserve the different pieces.

I've learnt how to fish, too. I've never really been good at it, but being able to eat a prey you have caught is definitely a unique feeling. It's one of the reason I don't consider myself anti hunting, although I disagree with trophee hunting and over hunting. I find that, if you eat what you hunt, it's somewhat better than the meat industry.


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