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Carson's Voice

Well, that rips. One of our alters, for the first time since our system set out to over a decade ago, manage to come out and successfully death growl for a full practice session. He did so well! He's been trying to hone the false vocal fold for years to try to get us to be able to growl properly without hurting ourselves before even beginning to practice. He's been holding and practicing little growls back there for years and years, never really letting them out until recently.

He did amazingly, he performed a really fresh track, a song that came out only about two years ago by a band we just now got around to listening to. It really hit. He did an amazing job. He was worried he wouldn't be able to pull it off given that we're AFAB, but given that we're intersex and have a high amount of testosterone in our body always, our vocal chords developed pretty thickly, and strongly. We have very powerful vocal chords, with an amazing amount of timber, and we're able to fill a space with it quite well if we want to.

We learned to breathe with our diaphragm earlier in life, around 2016 thanks to another alter who learned to meditate. It helps with proper respiration in general, as well as aiding in a good singing voice and cadence. Helps in healing the windpipe as well. Luckily, Carson's screaming technique doesn't involve any damage at all to the throat, or vocal chords. It doesn't hurt at all. In fact, it feels quite good. It feels like an 'ancient' rattle, he says. It shakes things loose in our chest we never even knew we had.


I love growling sounds! It's cool that you are learning how to growl.
Thank you! He sounds great! He figured out how to use the false vocal fold in order to death growl properly, so he doesn't tear up our throat, too. He will be a successful singer. :-D

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