Cat Contemplations Entry 3: Cameo Shifts

I had a very unusual shift the other day. Firstly, it was a mental shift. Now, mental shifting isn't unheard of for me, but I find that they've grown less common over time. When I shift, it's more likely to be a phantom or sensory shift then a mental one, and if it is an m-shift it's typically not too intense. This one though, was stronger than usual and.... canine.

You read that right, loyal readers, I had a shift into something other than a feline! This isn't my first cameo shift either, nor is it the first time I've felt more canine. My other canine shifts have felt more domestic though, and are pretty much always the result of stress. But this one was different. I was definitely a wild species this time. A wolf, maybe? Perhaps a coyote or a hyena? Something else? Who can say.

My cameo shifts seem to have different triggers then my usual shifts. For example, I usually don't shift under intense stress or when startled. Phantom shifts are very common for me, but if I've had a rough day or week, they can be completely nonexistent at times. More often then not, the opposite is true for cameo shifts. Sometimes when something startles me it can trigger a brief mental shift, and I'll start growling or whimpering like a dog. If I'm having thoughts that increase stress, namely intrusive thoughts, this has caused shifts as well, especially if those thoughts are connected to an animalistic urge or activity.

For example, one place my mind wanders often is imagining scenarios of myself hunting some sort of creature, tearing it apart, and consuming it raw. (...Strange, I know ^^; I've never actually done anything like that! im sorry im so weird ;v; ) Keep in mind, despite the fact that domestic cats are known to hunt small animals, I don't get predatory urges or feelings very often during cat shifts. While I was thinking about these situations though, was when that canine shift from a few days ago began. I felt powerful and predatory, though extremely out of place and uncomfortable in my cramped bedroom.

That's another thing that often separates my cameo shifts from my normal shifts. When I have a feline shift, I feel, at the very least, normal. I think little of it. At best, it's a very enjoyable experience. Either I feel cheerful and happy, or clear-headed and refreshed. During cameo shifts though, that is often not the case. Sometimes I feel scared or stressed. I'm often wondering "Wait, what is this? I'm not this kind of animal, this isn't right!" I tend to feel very aggressive too. My claws or fangs crave something to sink themselves into. With my usual shifts, these more violent-natured thoughts are few and far between.

Admittedly though, sometimes I miss that feeling and wish I had it more often during regular shifts. For the most part, I feel satisfied with my kintype. However, I can't help but wish I had that rush of power from my kintype more often. With those cameo shifts, at least I feel like I could take down something of a larger size. I feel such a sense of strength that I absolutely love. It's the one thing I actually somewhat enjoy about cameo shifts and wish I had with my normal ones. Perhaps one day I'll get lucky and my shifts will take on a different nature.

But until then, I suppose I'll just have to continue longing.


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