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In general, Homestuck works or has worked as a prophecy [guide] and an awakening tool for me.
Im really curious about other Terezi-kin right now.
Ive noticed they exist but they dont have their experiences anywhere that I have been able to locate yet.

Otherkin usually has some relation to past lives.
Im no exception to this, but for me its more complex than that.
I remember part of my past life.
It is covered in Homestuck as well.
But Homestuck is also useful to me for this life.
It gives me context to help me make decisions.
It gives me perspectives of the people that are important to me.

I figured out tonight that I was a mage and a knight of sorts in my past life through the classes system.
I was not exactly a knight, but Karkats past incarnation was a famous knight and I wanted him to train me. I already had some combat skills with a sword though, a different kind of sword.

I remember I was trying to make a character in a game of D&D with my friends, and I was trying to pick a sword from my past life memory, and Karkat knew exactly which sword I was talking about [of course he did] and told me he knew this [somehow] and which book it was in.
He also literally laughed when I played my barbarian character. xP
I cant remember but I think I said I was going barbarian and dunno.

I think when I go into trances sometimes my old self comes through and Karkat can sense it.
I guess Im not really too much like my past life-self either.. I can sense her energy now that I realize who that was that came through.
Shes beautiful and powerful in so many ways.
More like the girl Karkat wants to be with.
but hes not Shadow anymore..

I dunno.. Im getting this really happy feeling in my heart now thats kind of indescribable.. from a more clear perspective of my memories of this life. how it all keeps adding up.
We really are dweebs.

My past life can more clearly be described from the dot hack series.
Specifically the dot hack IMOQ games.

I was Blackrose, Karkat was Shadow, Kite was Dave.

In this life Im Atoli and Karkat is Haseo.

Combine Blackrose with the Disciple and Neophyte Redglare and you have my past life self.
Combine Balmung with the Sufferer and you have Karkats past life self.

Combine Terezi and Nepeta with Atoli and youve got my present self.
Combine Karkat with Haseo and youve got his present self.

Just noticed a Neophyte is someone that is new to a skill, and Neophyte Redglares class is Knight. Mwahaha.

Theyre both set in VR celtic societies.
Dot Hack has always been my ideal world. .-.
Its my old home.

Im Terezi AND Nepeta.
Nepeta is my feelings towards Karkat, my innocent playfulness, my desire to roleplay a catgirl.
It relates to how I see Karkat as seeing me.

Terezi is my crazy, popular, flirtatious side.

Shadow died because of the Grand Highblood and Darkleer.
Darkleer spared me, I believe that I went crazy and tried to seek justice and got involved with Mindfang who ended up causing my death.
So I died by public hanging?
I wasnt born with a birthmark but my throat chakra is noticably terrible [my massage therapy instructor who practices reiki even pointed it out].
Also I have obtained an annoying *scar* around my neck that wont go away from wearing a collar that was too tight for me.
It actually does look like a mark a noose would make to be honest.

Karkat and the Sufferers classes could say something about his past life roles.
Knight and Seer.
I interpret Seer as a visionary in this instance, but it could also mean he had seer powers.

My future life will probably have something to do with Dot Hack Link.
Tokio will probably be Karkat and Ill be Saika.


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