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Troublemaking Demon , Little Angel , Cold-Hearted Fox , Loved Alley Cat
First name: Luno | Surname: ?
Age: ?
Race: Demon
Gender: Male ♂️
Sexuality: Homosexual
Language spoken: English

Height: 5'7''
Weight: 120 lbs
Eye colour: Black sclera, no visible Iris (besides a possible dark grey) with dark red pupils. Pupils are shaped like a "broken heart" and tend to emit a black, liquid substance like tears.
Distinguishing features: His tail is wrapped in a chain that connects to a "collar-like" device on his neck. The tip of his tail is a long, IV-needle like shape. Horns are curved similar to a ram on the sides of his head, his ears in the center of the curl.
Build of body: Skinny Mesomorph
Hair colour: Black
Hair style: Feminine, wavy hair kept short besides side swept bangs that are kept longer in length for the natural waves.
Typical clothing: Lots of loose, revealing clothing. Shorts, crop-tops, thigh-highs. As long as it's minimal and comfortable he tends to wear it.

First name: Leland | Surname: Lovell
Age: Appears as a young child commonly, but is around 17-18 (?)
Race: Angel (?)
Gender: Male ♂️
Sexuality: Unknown
Language spoken: English

Height: 5'3''
Weight: 105 lbs
Eye colour: SIlver-y blue
Distinguishing features: (to be added)
Build of body: Ectomorph
Hair colour: light blonde
Hair style: While it is styled in an almost "comb over" look, the loose ringlets in his hair cause it to fall out of shape constantly.
Typical clothing: He wears a lot of lighter-coloured clothes that have lots of lace and soft fabrics.

First name: Kaii | Surname: Kojima
Age: Approx. 19 - Early 20s
Race: Kitsune 🇯🇵
Gender: Male ♂️
Sexuality: Homosexual
Language spoken: Japanese , English

Height: 182.88 cm OR 6'0''
Weight: 68 kg OR 150 lbs
Eye colour: Light blue/Teal colour
Distinguishing features: Symbol on his outer left thigh , Sharp canines
Build of body: Ectomorph
Hair colour: White
Hair style: Typically "messy", past ear-length.
Typical clothing: Japanese traditional dress.


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