Conspiarcy Theory Serieis: The Worldwide blackout TW: SCARY TO SOME.

Gather round children father has a conspiarcy to share. So if any of you have facebook or something along the lines I'm sure you've seen those videos going around. There has already been blackouts in other countries, one of those is Pakistan. Now then this blackout is caused by... You guessed it ✨ T H E G O V E R M E N T ✨! This blackout will reset this world, phones andall other electronics will shut down. If you haven't already heard of this story its on twitter, Or you can watch who I watched tell the story LoeyLane its called The Sun Vanished. Stay safe everyone!!

So, as most of you know our system is made up of demons, angels, wolves, a vampire, fictions, a ghost, a dragon, some deities, and an elf; So yes we sometimes do get some insight but that doesen't mean jack shit. This is what we "THINK" will happen :>.
First: The blackout mentioned above. it will be like the story mentioned above.
Second: The backrooms open (please watch the backrooms if you haven't already).
Third: All of the creatures in the backrooms will come out.
Fourth: (don't call me crazy i ain't here for that shit i'm here to ramble) Creepypastas... (and uh we have a kin in this waky world who is one and refuses to speak about any of this) say they've been hiding all along forever and select few could actually see them (blahblahblah normal ghost shit). they would come out of hiding and go on a spree; recruiting some, killing others.
then: the ones that were recruted (stfu ik i spelt that wrong) survive. They win the game.
Finally: Power turns back on the few who survived rule.

EDIT: WITH THIS THE WITCHES RISE AND THE PREHISTORIC CREATURES COME BACK (the scariest one being the megladon and titanabowa)


Blackouts could really happen again and again in a few decades if the climate crisis gets worse.

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