Nate royally screwed up last night and cost me a forum member. I blame him for me being distressed, but someone else says I can't just say its his fault I'm depressed. But who else can I blame? Hes the one who messed up. Hes sorry and remorseful now, but its still his fault. Hes normally the most calm, rational person here, but he snapped and said some things he shouldn't have said. I dunno what came over him last night, except my anger bleeding over to him. But even still, he knows better. Hes main admin because he knows so much better than I do. I'm the one who has issues controlling their temper, not him. I'm very angry at him for this.


(Bendy here, and now I'm not one to pry, but perhaps I can offer an angle at this. After all, I've been with Pearl for thousands of years.

Again, I don't want to come off wrong, but this perhaps sounds like a lack of communication? If your anger affected him, could it be perhaps because you weren't communicating clearly? Pearl and I have had fights stemming from such issues and even after all this time we are still indeed learning! Or perhaps his anger came from being protective?

I understand being upset of course. These things occur after all. But when you're ready, talk things over perhaps. best of luck!
Bendy )
I'm not upset with him anymore, just disappointed cause hes always been my most rational headmate, but he let my anger get to him and cause him to react in a way that was out of character for him. Normally when he does that its to protect me, but he wasn't protecting me this time. The issue was trying to explain the difference between fighting and arguing, cause they are two different things. But someone insisted they were the same, and Nate snapped on them. Partly out of my own anger bleeding over to him and partly because thats not a message we want spread on our forum.
(Understandable. I've acted similarly before, it's part of being sentient I suppose. I wish you two best of luck moving forward!)

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