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Doctor issues

So I came out to my psychiatrist about soulbonding cause I had two different therapists be accepting of it. It was a mistake. She was not accepting and told me it was BPD. No, bitch, I've been tested for BPD by an actual psychologist and I don't have it. She also refused to change my medication to help me and my bf do what we were trying to do, cause she said it can get my SSI denied. Which I think is bullshit. So I'm gonna do my best to get SSI, save money, then change my meds when I move in with my bf. IF I lose SSI hes already said hes willing to support me.

I don't like this doctor anymore but its too much of a hassle to find a new one. I filed a complaint against her for insulting my spiritual beliefs and implying that my bf wasn't normal. She denies it now, but I know what she said. She said a normal guy would not ask for what hes asking for. Implying that hes not normal. Now shes saying all she said was there are boundaries in a relationship. I know what she said. I'm not as stupid as she seems to think I am. Shes gonna know that I hate her now. I refuse to share anything with her ever again. I will speak to her curtly. I will act pissed off every time I see her. She will know that shes crossed me.


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