Dovah'zul ramble

I've been trying out to make names, because it's the easiest thing to learn for me. A dragon name in dovah is made from three words, like shouts, and are linked to a particular achievement or unique trait of said dragon.

Some exemple can be Alduin, roughly traduced into destroyer devour master, Odahviing as snow hunter wing. Obviously I think it's more coherant if you interpret it, like Alduin as Master of destruction and Great Devourer, or Odahviing as Sky Predator of the Snow Peaks, in a more poetic, literate way.

Dovah'zul is an art of saying more with less words, each being in turn more important.

When I was a kid, I called myself Sunabi, it was a name I associated with my nonhuman self. Out of curiosity, I decided to check out what it could mean in Dovah'zul. Turns out I obtained Air Fury Blue, or Lance Blue, which makes me think of a quick and nimble flier with quite the temper. Funny coincidence! In Dovah'zul, to be pronounced correctly, would be written Sunahbii.

Some names I have made are Revakyol, sacred fire, and Lokraanhin, painted bird/paradise bird.

(old blog. Also i found one! Vuldvolyiir. I do still use Sunahbii however. habits are hard to get rid off).


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