So, from backlash I have recieved on another platform on using modern dragon to label my experiences, I seem to have misunderstood the modern myth label. My identity as a dragon is an identity, I believe myself to be draconic. However, the label of dragonkin has never completely fit, mainly because it is something that affects my life, possibly making me disconnect on the "not physical" label of the otherkin, and just, overall not connecting with dragonkins. I don't mean that i believe i can shapeshift or am in any way biologically nonhuman, but being draconic impacts my life in ways that my theriotypes don't. I feel dumb writing that, because I am aware some dragonkin also have that kind of thing, like feeling a physical need for a hoard, or having strange coincidences that make them feel more draconic, but these things that could be human coincidences are nonhuman to me, and important.

I'm not sure why I struggle so much with that part of myself. It's the only constant i have been aware of since my childhood, and paradoxally the one i'm the less certain about. I suppose i'm going to keep the label draconic for now, and hope it becomes less muddy with time.

(it did become less muddy! Hooray! Old blog)


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