Dragonkin Self Care

Self care tips:
-Hot chocolate
-warm baths/showers
-being high up (loft beds/bunk beds really do it for me)
-nests out of blankets
-running down hills sometimes triggers really powerful wing shifts
-scalemail gloves really help me with species dysphoria
-make hurring, growling, purring noises. Just working on growling/throat noises can really help with voice dysphoria
-guided meditation
-Rare beef
-backrubs. They feel so good.

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-Dragon plush Custom Baby Dragon Plush multiple color options poseable | Etsy

Positive reinforcements
-You are enough. You don't have to be big to be a dragon, you don't have to be small to be a dragon. You don't need patterned scales, you don't need horns, you don't need spikes. You don't need fire breath, you don't need anything special. You are perfect just the way you are.
-You are powerful. Roar. Make them fear you. You have everything you need.
-Don't sorrow about this body. It may seem too small, too weak, but it has you in it. And that makes it beautiful.


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