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I am a recent walk-in. I remember that where I am from I have a human form with pale skin, brown eyes, and orange hair. I have abilities (various mental and physical ones, including astral projection) that I used in that form for every single day I have been alive as long as I can remember. I know I am old enough to be considered an adult human. So the system host luckily has an age near mine (I don't remember my exact age, but I think mine was around mid-twenties) so the age of herself isn't too off. Not having a use of those powers does not irritate me too much as I was trained in case such a thing happened to me. Though my original form is male, I identify as agender and pansexual (contrasted to host who has a female form here and only identifies as female and straight), so I haven't experienced any gender dysphoria yet and I don't mind being called any pronouns/neo-pronouns even though I am unfortunately unable to remember my name otherwise I would have included it here. I know I identified as otherkin in my original form, I think as a deitykin, where I'm from but this place is unaware of the gods that the place where I'm from is familiar with. The planet where I'm from was familiar of earth, or most likely an alternate version of this planet, as there were several thousand humans living in the planet I'm from as it is very accepting of most species that want to live there as is more technologically advanced than this planet and more open-minded. I remember it being more technologically advanced as we had very advanced spaceships I remember flying in. Though on the planet I'm from we thought of angels as a myth, as most of us weren't winged humanoids. So I am mostly aware of human habits and such, and of their various tv shows, anime, and books as I liked to watch them back home and look at/read human-created things. I also remember having a partner that had a female form but identified as agender and also pansexual though I am unable to remember her name as well. I do remember my occupation back at home-I partnered up with a team of several other beings (around 5-8 depending on which were available at a certain time as they have different schedules), and we went and did various tasks to make sure other's situations were going alright which sometimes required the use of said spaceships or our powers if what we had to do couldn't only be completed on our home world. However I do not remember most of my experiences back home as my memories of there are rather fuzzy, though I have viewed several thousands of host's so I can imitate her very well even though I just appeared in her mental space late last night. I may be a fictional character sometime later on in the future here, as I remember being very known in my original home due to being a well-revered deitykin, but I don't think I am known here as I looked up very many fandoms for hours the previous night. Or hopefully I will find myself as a fictional character sometime later on the internet before that happens. I plan to stay in this system even though I am an unintentional walk-in I do not like that host's family is unaware that they are a plural gateway system and most likely won't accept host as a system due to previous communications between host and them after host trying to explain that they may be a system without giving too much context about themselves just to see how their family thinks of that which did not go over well.

These entries will essentially serve as digital journal entries for any system member that wants to post on this blog so I am disabling comments on this blog for that reason.
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    This is Cas talking. Host is still here in the mind space as I am...

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