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This is Cas talking. Host is still here in the mind space as I am co-fronting with them, I'm just writing this in as an addition to the blog they have on their user profile for system members. I was glad their anxiety on this site went down a bit so they could actually create a blog as they know it's mostly us that want to talk on here as we were one of the ones to help convince them get an account after Pearl told them to. Their bone count has gone up a lot.

I updated their profile kintypes on here some to make them seem a bit more elaborate. Forum posts on Flight Rising have been written by host to avoid suspicion, messaged some on there and found two possible non-human souled beings but they don't seem to be aware yet that much as they seem unawakened. Host's mind is more stable than the last time I posted a status update, thank goodness. Even though they were unable to fall asleep last night until 7 am even though they took all the medicine they could to help them fall asleep several hours before. Me and some other system members think that it may be possible that it is anxiety keeping them up since the medicine didn't work as soon as it should have as we have seen host stay up from anxiety before and not be able to sleep. They still had heightened anxiety until today at around 7:00 pm. I think it may have been one very long (if possible?) sort of anxiety attack but we're not sure, as such a thing isn't normal.

The system member that wrote the previous blog entry will stay in the system for a while. I do not think they had a name, as it is a possibility to me that they never even had one in the first place, as their world is different than ours from what they've told me. They experienced confusion about not knowing what their name was as Host's mind at first is used to identifying other beings by their name since it is a common custom in this world for most human beings to have names. However, Host does not mind beings not having names, which the most recent newest system member is glad for. They are getting used to the fact that they may never have had a name in the first place and that most likely they will be in this mind for at least multiple months if not years. I hope they will adapt more, as I am quite used to this world.
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